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Hot MP3 Downloader is a nice little tool for downloading MP3 files
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Hot MP3 Downloader

Hot MP3 Downloader is a nice little tool for, as its name says, downloading MP3 files, mostly music, to access and play on any device that supports the format, including PC, iPhones, Androids, PSP, PDA, cell phones, etc.

The interface design is a bit on the practical side, with no fancy panels of flashy colors. However, the dark and functional menus and icons let you quickly master the application and download all the files you wish. Hot MP3 Downloader provides instant access to over 100 million MP3 files recognized by its programming, lets you search for preferences, set by various categories such as genre of performer, etc. It even has the online support in the form of a current Top chart. The search is quick, and you can download any of the files you find, if there is any chance of downloading such a file. There are, admittedly, some misses, when the song is found, but downloading it is impossible. But those are few and far between.

The good part about the search features is that it supports malware and adware blocking. You can safely browser the Web searching for your favorite songs, while Hot MP3 Downloader guards you against online threats. It's also nice to know that the program is focused on quality and will not offer you low-bitrate songs sounding like they were recorded in a bathroom.

Hot MP3 Downloader is the kind of application that loves its users and tries to shield them from any pains you typically face when searching for music. If that's not the reason to get it, then maybe it's handiness is.

James Lynch
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  • Quick and thorough search
  • Instant MP3 access
  • Online protection
  • Easy to use


  • There are some misses in search results
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